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Custom Made Poles

Want  a custom pole for a certain application ?  We can do it !

With an MOQ of 1, design your own carbonfiber telescopic pole  -

we may even OEM brand it for you. Click the link, or

email us directly at inventions@futureofcleaning.com

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Reach-iT XT - extend your Reach-iT PRO to 55’, 65’ or even to 75’ !!

The Reach-iT XT ‘extends’ the Reach-iT PRO by raising it 10’ at a time - add three sections and it is equivalent to a 75‘ pole. Use the XT+ adaptor to run the tube internal:

Description:  2 Section Pole able to repeatedly raise the Reach-iT PRO by 10’

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Reach-iT PRO - the Professional’s Waterfed Telescopic Pole:

The Reach-iT PRO is the ideal pole for high-tech Waterfed Window Cleaning with the capability of being extended to 75’ reach with Reach-iT XT sections:

Description:  7 High-strength Carbonfibre sections compatible with the XT

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Accessories :

For Waterfed Pole accessories, click here to go to Brush-iT and see Brushes, Tubes and Jets

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Waterfed Poles
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Reach-iT Technical SpecificationsReach-iT_Technical_Specifications.htmlReach-iT_Technical_Specifications.htmlReach-iT_Technical_Specifications.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1
Reach-iT Technical SpecificationsYouTube_Reach-iT_DEMO1.html
Reach-iT Technical SpecificationsContact_Us.html

Reach-iT Poles are designed for an Operator  to only need to use one pole for all applications.

Waterfed Poles pull-apart so the Operator can use the most appropriate length and the lightest weight for the task at hand, ranging from Groundwork up to 7 storeys high.

All Short Handles and Extension Poles  fit our entire range of over 300 Brushes, Brooms and Mop heads.

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Reach-iT MiNi  - the smallest compact 2 Storey Waterfed Pole :

7 x 1metre carbonfibre sections pull-apart  - the perfect ‘first WFP

Description: Reach 2 storeys, but compacted, fit into a car !

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Reach-iT Technical Specifications
Click Here If you want a pole for cleaning Solar PanelsSolar_Panel_Cleaning_Pack.htmlSolar_Panel_Cleaning_Pack.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1
Click Here If you want a pole for cleaning Solar Panels

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